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My life is colourful and exciting. I enjoy travelling and exploring new countries and cities. In my childhood I focused on sports. Growing up in Sri Lankan countryside, all boys liked ball games, mainly football – so did I.
End of the 1990’s, after I moved to the capital, I discovered my new passion – dancing. In Colombo, a youth organisation offered many activities and I was happy to try my first dance moves.
After completing my education, I worked in tea tasting during the day, but my evenings were dedicated to dancing. Gradually I improved my dancing and started to participate in both – Latin and Ballroom dance competitions.
The new millennium brought many changes because I started to represent Sri Lanka during international events and competitions. Sri Lankan airlines flew me and my fellow dancers to many countries. We performed in Malaysia, Singapore, Germany and other beautiful countries worldwide.
In 2004, after I moved to England, I spend some time adjusting to my new life in this amazing cosmopolitan city, exploring new dance moves and forms of expression. Every year I reached a higher level in Latin and Ballroom dances, but I also added another exciting dance to my skillset, a dance originating in Angola – Kizomba.
I cooperated and keep cooperating with interesting dance studios and performers like the Flow Dance and the ShowStoppers. I recently performed a joyful and energetic routine in Paris, France.
I enjoy working and sharing creativity in many parts of London.

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